About Us

Who are we?
MPM is a Victorian based business (established in 1999) focused on providing essential business management services to the medical profession especially general practice.

Why use MPM?
“MPM enables doctors to practice medicine and have a professionally managed business”

Traditionally, the management of a medical practice requires a significant time investment from the principals detracting from their main task of providing primary health care and lifestyle.
Senior receptionist/practice managers are utilised to assist principals in the management tasks. This approach is not ideal in providing holistic management of a medical practice, as there are often gaps in skills, competencies and financial constraints.

MPM provides a modern, cost effective approach to business management for all sizes of medical practices freeing up the principals time and enabling informed decision-making.

Our client base encompasses small through to multi site medical centres delivering business management services on a needs basis. Typical time commitment from MPM is 4-8 hours per week for a small practice and up to 25 hours for group practices.

Benefits of using MPM

Better financial outcomes from a better managed business.
Overall lower cost of business management.

High level skill base
Professional, qualified business managers.
Diverse experience base..

IT consulting and support
Professional, qualified IT Staff.
General Practice Focus.

Flexibility and availability
Ensure minimum impact on business operation.
Project work – Accreditation, IT, business amalgamation.
On going management responsibility.

Confidentiality and autonomy
Strict confidentiality observed.
No affiliation or interest in third party providers.


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