Business Planning and Development

Patient Communication Strategies

Are you getting the message across to your patients? MPM can assist in implementing improved communication with your patients. This can take many forms including patient newsletters, electronic communication, practice information leaflets, posters etc.

Financial data analysis for forecasting

Do you know the how much it is likely to cost to run your business next month or how much income you can expect to have to cover those expenses? Financial data analysis to forecast cash flow and profit is imperative in business today. MPM can assist with this process, monitoring costs, income and cash flow.

Preparation of business plans and strategies

An important part of any business is the implementation of a business plan and strategies. Without a business plan the business often has no direction and can deteriorate or head in a direction that was not the intention of the principals or the practice. Undertaking a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats) analysis and defining the direction and needs of the principals will ensure that the practice stays on track.

Investigation and Analysis of Business Environment and it impact of general environment

Business today needs to keep up to date with changes in government and HIC regulations and rulings which unfortunately, cannot be ignored. MPM can assist in defining the areas of regulation that the practice needs to be compliant and ensure relevant documentation is completed and submitted. We will endeavour to keep the practice informed of changes to legislation which may have a significant impact.

Business Scenario Analysis

Often we ask the question “What if”? MPM can assist with defining the “what if’s” of your practice and provide analysis and recommendations to the principals.

Business Competition Analysis

Are you aware of your competition? What are they providing? What can you do to gain the market share? MPM can help with all these questions.

Patient demographics analysis to fine tune practice locations and provision of services

With relocation of a practice, new services or opening of a new practice, analysis of patient demographics prior to commencement can ensure the viability of the changes. Identifying the targeted patients will assist in the decision making process. MPM has the resources to undertake a patient demographic analysis of the preferred area and advise the practice regarding the preferred location and targeted patient base.

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