Resource Planning and Management

Medical and non medical staff recruitment

MPM can assist in the recruitment of non medical and medical staff. Total management of this process can be undertaken from advertising through to induction and training of new staff members.  MPM ensures all the relevant documentation, confidentiality agreements and contracts are in place prior to commencement. Recruitment is conducted in consultation with the principals.

Job descriptions, competencies and KPI statements

As part of the management of staff, MPM will document, implement and monitor job descriptions for all staff in the practice. Competency testing can be undertaken to monitor staff performance and to assist in the identification and targeting of training. To maximize performance KPI’s can be discussed and implemented for key staff members.

Staff performance reviews and management

Staff performance reviews are often a neglected area of staff management. It is often easier just to leave the status quo than manage a difficult or non performing staff member. To optimize staff performance it is necessary to implement procedures which monitor staff regarding performance.

Staff meetings need to be scheduled on a regular basis, even is a small clinic environment. Important information is shared and direction regarding practice policies and procedures can be discussed and implemented. Staff meetings provide a forum for sharing of problems and help create the feeling of a team. MPM can manage this process and provide feedback to and from principals regarding relevant issues.

Optimisation of rostering

Maximising the utilization of time and resources is imperative in a well run business. Often the number of staff members in attendance at any one time can be either over or under utilized thus causing inefficiencies and cost to the business. MPM can analyse the staff utilization and implement efficiencies and cost savings to the practice.

Management of Remuneration and incentives schemes

MPM can undertake the process of remuneration for both staff and doctors in the practice. Incentive schemes or bonuses can be monitored and implemented. MPM keeps abreast of government requirements and ensures all relevant documentation is completed and submitted as required.

Analysis can be undertaken to ensure that the practice is fully utilizing funding options.

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