Risk Management


Planning for any likely contingency takes time, however due consideration needs to be given to forward planning and minimization of any risk. MPM can assist in identifying areas that need to be addressed and then put  policies and procedures in place to address these issues.


Risk management of all systems in the practice needs to be addressed. This extends, but is not limited to, site audits for Occupational Health and Safety considerations, through to disaster recovery plans for the computer system due to fire or hardware failure.

Human Resource

Human resource risk management encompasses areas including hiring, training, disciplining, redundancies and termination of staff. The practice must have clear documented policies on the hiring training and management of staff. Without clear policies, and implementation of these policies, the practice exposes itself to potential risk of litigation.


Is the practice complying with government legislation? Is the practice aware of compliance required for the industry? MPM is fully conversant with legislation and can assist with compliance and policies and procedures to minimize the risks.


The financial systems of the practice must be accurate and up to date. Systems must be in place to accurately record information and minimize the risk to the practice. Measurable systems need to be in place to ensure checks and balances are carried out by multiple levels of authority to discourage minor pilfering or theft.


To minimize risk to the practice, legal documentation needs to be current and in place.

Areas for consideration include      Partnership agreements      Rental/Leasing of property      Rental/leasing of equipment      Insurance for building/contents      Work cover insurance      Employment agreements for both doctors and staff      Sub leasing contacts      Allied health agreements      Etc

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